Offroad Vietnam

Offroad Vietnam

À gauche, mon guide Trung. À droite, le propriétaire de la boutique, Anh Vu.


4 thoughts on “Offroad Vietnam

  1. Merci ma chère amie pour ce beau cadeau que tu partages avec nous. Lire ton carnet c’est comme lire ces romans voyage de lonely planet que j’ai lu avec tant de passion. J’ai hâte, j’ai hâte, j’ai hâte!!!

  2. Good luck Flora. Trung gave me your blog link. Happy to see both of us in your photos. Take care of the bike and you will have a great journey. Ride smart and ride safe!

    • Thanks Anh! And thank you for all your help. Trung has been immensely helpful. He taught me a lot about the bike and the routes in Vietnam. I am grateful to both of you for all your help. I promise to ride smart and safe! 😉

      • Good news Flora. I just added your video to my channel under Customers’ videos on Youtube and hopefully more people like it. Thank you for sharing the experience. The bikes of your dad look really cool.

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